gratis et amore

making of gea 12making of gea 14making of gea 2making of gea 10making of gea 4making of gea 5making of gea 6making of gea 13making of gea 1  making of gea 3    making of gea 7 making of gea 8 making of gea 9  making of gea 11

I haven’t been posting as often as I used to and this is the reason why. These are some of the photos of the making of  my final project for my master degree. I still have  a lot to do. I have to finish my sets, some of my characters, and of course I have to animate. The script and the story are finished, though, and in here I’m posting a page of the latest for you to see. It’s the beginning of my short. I hope you enjoy it!

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