Descosido sin roto. Watermaal-Bosvoorde, 2022. Collage.

A literal translation could be BURST SEAM WITHOUT RIP.

“Nunca falta un roto para un descosido” (there is never a lack of a rip for a burst seam), or “siempre hay un roto para un descosido” (there is always a rip for a burst seam). 

One of the meanings of this Spanish proverb is that there is always someone destined for you, no matter how strange you may seem… I believe the English equivalent is “there’s a lid for every pot”.

But what if you just come unstitched? And what if this is what you want too?

This collage is part of a series about loneliness I started in my art degree at UOC. When I finish it, I want to make a compilation of different approaches to what loneliness could or not mean. And I would like to select all the techniques I learned throughout my studies. This work, for example, was part of an exercise in the photography course.

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