Zoom. Watermaal-Bosvoorde, 2022. Digital photography.

Why is it that arriving first in a race is admirable and last is a double defeat? From what place is it derogatory to be alone and turns you invisible?

With this series, I intended to reflect on the different standards I think we have to judge loneliness.

This was an exercise for the UOC, and a tribute to Grover’s funny scene from Sesame Street (Coco, in my childhood) about “Near-Far” (Cerca-Lejos). I don’t know why I remembered it as “In front of-Behind” (Delante-Detrás)😅

I also wanted to praise the role of the Internet in bringing closer those who are not in the front row, and how beneficial it can be for everyone. How else, here, could the new word be read and learned?

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